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Team Hogan
« on: December 14, 2005, 07:50:35 PM »

Feb 2007 update Blanding Game , Jacksonville area, Florida


Well Team Hogan Had A great time, its our 3RD time there. we were supposed to be on the alliance side but when they closed down the registration for them and we only had half the team registered , we talked with 4 other teams and then talked with Mother and decided to move to the Horde , we fielded over a 100 players with our 5 teams . Team Hogan, Bad Monkeys, Osceola Raiders, Broken Arrow, Adrenaline Rush.
We were sent to the woods right from the start. We pushed up to the bridge and hit a wall of Alliance players, we mostly stayed to the woods as per the Generals instructions , we did venture into the city a few times and got our fill of targets , I believe me and 4 of my team mates were in the city on sat afternoon for about a hour and a half and lost count of the targets we eliminated but it was well over 125 . those murder holes were awesome.
we had a great time!!!!!!!
On Sunday we helped comb the area for trash so we can keep this event open for us players so we pitched in . We then did our annual lunch at Johnny's BBQ just a few miles from the site. we told our stories and laughed a lot . It Was A great weekend for paintball. as for pricing and stuff I cant complain about it . I choose to play so I choose to pay . I thank Mother and Pacman and all the promoters who put on events and made a business out of it , if it wasn't for them we would be playing in our back yards or open lots .

Team Hogan
we have 149 pictures of the game so ck them out

Delta 21 was at Disater paintball park in Kississimee, Fl on Aug 12th.

It was a Hot Day - Very Hot. Here is the story for this picture.

It was 7:30 PM. Commander BBJ From Team Hogan was sitting at the inseration point. There were 10 to 12 players from the other side {Thieves}. BBJ was the only player from his side {C.I A.}. The Thieves were talking at the inseration point saying they had to blow up base 16. I told them I was on the other team, They joked and said what is one person going to do. When we inserted, I ran to the base and no one was there - so I looked up where 16 was and I made a mad dash to that base and I waited. They sent over a squad and I ambused them. They soon found out what one player could do. Then the Ref's called a pause in the game and sent everyone back to their home base to get ready for the Last mission. I made my way back to the base and when I arrived I found only the General.

Out of 75 players I was the only one left on the field for C.I.A side. the ref asked if we wanted to forfit, I said no way! The Ref informed me there were at least 40 of them.

I told the General I would fight all 40 of them myself. He agreed and the ref gave us the mission. We had to go back to 16 and blow it up.

So the General geared up and we set out to base 16. The General didn,t have a marker - I was the only one with one. We got up to the bend in the road and Paintboss came up on a Golf Cart and looked at us and said thats it only you 2.
We informed him thats all that was left to C.I.A..

We asked for a ride. He informed us there were at least 40 players waiting on us. He would not give us a ride but we could use the golf cart. Well the General took the wheel and I was the gunner. I quickly took out 2 flankers and then I unleashed my A-5 with an Ape Board and a 400 round hopper. I unloaded a fury of paint. I didn't know I shot all the paint out of it until the firing stopped. I took out several players but General Longballer and I were hit well over 100 times each.
I counted 48 welts from this last battle.

The results were in - we lost the last Mission but we won the WAR !!!

C.I.A DEFEATED the Thieves...

More Pictures of the Event in the gallery

Commander BBJ

here are some games we are attending -------  look for us

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Re: Team Hogan
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hey guys  8)

i just wondering if you guys could update your thread,
so that we don't have old threads kicking around thanx  8)