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Author Topic: A5 DMAG conversion kit  (Read 3410 times)

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A5 DMAG conversion kit
« on: November 09, 2013, 10:15:57 AM »
I have six or seven T68's so this is my first time wandering into the world of Tippmann markers. A friend gave me an old A-5 that I rebuilt into this:

I really don't like the look of that bulky cyclone and tac cap (although it runs great). I looked for a DMAG conversion kit for it and it seems like everything but the A5 has a one. I did eventually find a MK5 conversion kit for an A5 ( http://www.rap4.com/store/paintball/p/014348/tacamo-magazine-conversion-kit-for-tippmann-a-5 ) and then found a DMAG conversion kit for the MK5 ( http://www.rap4.com/store/paintball/p/017686/mk5-dmag-magazine-upgrade-package ). So am I missing something? If there's a magazine conversion for an A5 labeled for as MK5 and there's a DMAG conversion kit labeled for an MK5, shouldn't those things be put together for people to buy without having to buy the old magazine equipment? Or am I missing something? If that's not the conversion kit for the A5, why is it labeled as MK5? I see that the pictures for the DMAG conversion kit looks like it has been installed on different markers and they are all labeled as MK5. Does that mean they all work with each other? I'm so confused...