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Author Topic: Mag conversions - are they patented???  (Read 949 times)

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Mag conversions - are they patented???
« on: September 17, 2013, 05:16:24 AM »
Anyone know if mag conversions are patent protected?
Reason I ask is that I'm thinking about manufacturing & selling a body mod that I'm currently prototyping, & as it incorporates a magwell I don't want my first business venture to result in a lawsuit!

The Tacamo conversion on my Tippy A5 has "patent pending" on the side, but I understand that could simply relate to a specific element of the design... & even then "patent pending" doesn't mean a patent was successfully awarded.
As other magfed markers (MilSig, Carmatech, T68 etc) seem to utilize similar magwell designs I suspect there's little or nothing applicable/enforceable for the magwell design itself, but I'll need to be certain.

Any advice.. or even patent numbers from magfed markers that I can research... would be much appreciated.

Thanks all.