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Author Topic: T68 Browning M2 .88 Caliber Machine Gun ( T88 M2)  (Read 2799 times)

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T68 Browning M2 .88 Caliber Machine Gun ( T88 M2)
« on: March 17, 2013, 10:38:31 AM »
I think RAP 4 should design an .88 caliber  Browning M2 using the T68 platform. I think this would better mimic its real life counter part
with larger caliber rounds.  This means the round would be .020 larger than .68 caliber. Not a great deal bigger but enough to instill fear into the enemy force going up against it. Probably would be louder as well also creating  intimidation.
 Yes the internals and barrel size and upper receiver would have to be scaled .020 larger to create a "T88". But when you already have a design like the T68 you can copy the mold and scale up in size. I am in the forest products  industry and we use cnc machine shops to do this often with parts.
Yes it would not be cheap , but what design is.
 Yes this would mean a whole new product of .88 caliber paintballs. But if no one ever tried new things we would not have RAP 4 .43 caliber paintballs , or the .50 caliber paintball or even the  First Strike paintball rounds.
   Speaking of first strike rounds wouldn't it also be great to have a "T88 Barrett M82" Sniper Rifle. Can you imagine an .88 caliber First Strike Round? I think weighing more would increase the distance of the FSR even more .
  If there are safety issues with a larger caliber paintballs I think compensation would not be difficult. The Velocity would be chronographed to stay the same as .68 cal. Stronger Goggle systems? Easily achievable  and who wouldn't want that anyway. Wear body armor ? Most people I play with already do. Check RAP 4 They have great tactical  Body Armor.
 Yes the "Rap4 T88 Browning M2" and the  "Rap4 T88 Barrett M82" would not be cheap , and I never thought I would pay $900.00 for a paintball gun but low and behold here came the Tiberius Arms T4 a couple of years ago. It was like dreams coming true about paintball sniper rifles and I bought one. And I love it !!!
  I know a lot of people will think this is a "Crazy Idea" , .88 caliber Ridicules !!  That's ok, My family thought it was crazy for a 50 year old to buy a $900.00 paintball gun too , But hey, MilSim  paintball is what I love..
     I hope the research and development team at RAP4 gets wind of this idea . Who knows what we might see in the hopefully near future. I hope others reading this let me know what you think. Crazy or not its OK
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