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Author Topic: T68 GEN 7 EXTREME SNIPER REVIEW  (Read 1406 times)

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« on: March 10, 2013, 11:29:33 AM »
brand new.. underslung phantom slung grenade launcher
18 inch Tactical rifled barrel
split fire dual feed adaptor

All i can say is im furious.. and SO incredibly disappointed i'm nauseous
i just bought the T68 Gen7 Extreme Sniper. 1200.00 F&%cking dollars, and it's garbage.. it has a grenade launcher attached, which they made it seem like it held alot of balls.. it holds 3.. big deal!! and u have to reach around and push a little button on the back of it to launch it.. by then i could fire off 20 rounds. that and after one charge and use of it it NO LONGER FUNCTIONS.. i try to charge it and the air just blows right through
I got the gun with the 18 inch tactical rifled barrel... this thing LOOKS awesome.. but the balls curve way more than my walmart brand jt tactical that i got for 125 bucks .. my first magazine had several double ball shots and several ball breaks.. forcing me to attempt to pull the gun apart.. only to find that underslung rail, grenade launcher, bipod were all loose.. Whats the point in HAVING THIS MASSIVE GUN THEY CALL A SNIPER WHEN I CAN'T ACCURATELY HIT SOMEONE FROM 30 FEET AWAY?! i'll just use my Tiberius SOCOM with first strike instead.. dead accurate.
i pay for a tool kit, and they dont even give me the largest allen wrench needed to remove the accessory rails... really?!
all this HYPE on RAP4.. and it's pure c***..  >:(  I could have gotten a sick REAL AR15 for this price... having the scope on this is purely looks.. it's COMPLETELY USELESS... maybe MAYBE it will be useful if i could fire first strike rounds.. but you can't
god i should have gone with MILSIG instead.. my first rap4 purchase and i'm sick to my stomach.. it's sitting on my floor in pieces.. and wasn't even assembled properly from their southern california location
 >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(