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Author Topic: RAP X50 + CAA RONI Carbine Kit (For Airsoft)  (Read 4311 times)

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RAP X50 + CAA RONI Carbine Kit (For Airsoft)
« on: February 20, 2013, 02:20:17 PM »
My X50 RAP certainly seems to of been modeled nicely after the P226... thus far its fitted in a kydex and leather waistband holster.

My most recent purchase I had not came across before - the 'rare' CAA RONI Carbine Kit.

I struggled to find the kits for some time after being made aware of them; there is a version for Glocks that also fits the RAP4 Combat but the p226 model seemed especially elusive (recently a steady supply of overpriced versions have appeared on ebay).

Designed for for airsoft gas blowback P226's... I assumed that the RAP4 RAP X60 as a gas blowback P226 replica would also fit inside the kit, so when I found a cheaper then average import from China I considered it a risk worth taking... as all internet research failed to find another instance of the kit being used on a paintball gun.

As you can tell from the pics (sorry for the poor quality, cell phone pics)

When slotted into the kit; it upgrades the pistol with; Extending shoulder stock and cheek rest, flip up sights, folding foregrip, share magazine holder (which will require some modification but should hold at least 3 X50 mags) and 3 20mm rails.

Now I just need to work out a refined method for making my own powder balls using this .440 cal musket ball mold I researched... that is a 11mm sphere (between 00 and 000 buckshot sizings) and just happens to be perfect .43 cal paintball round size.

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