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Author Topic: Im new to the forum. Whats new with Rap4?  (Read 1815 times)

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Im new to the forum. Whats new with Rap4?
« on: January 10, 2013, 07:12:08 AM »
Whats up everyone?  Ive been browsing the forums for a while now to see whats new and whats in store for the next few years, but never post. So now Im registered and ive got a buttload of questions...
1. Whats the deal with the MK1? Are we ever going to see it on the market? Whats the hold up?
2. Whats the deal with the drum mag? And I dont mean the box mag with the nuatalis drive. Its about time someone decided to make a REAL  100 rnd.  drum... I want one SOOOOO BAD!!!!
3. Can I be a tester? I dont care what it takes. I would love to help u guys out.
Im curently going to school for drafting and design. Ive got a brain full of ideas for paintball markers, masks, loading systems, you name it... I just dont have the money or resourses to  manufacture them.  =(
4. Can I have a job? Lol! Im sick of breaking my back doing  mindless 9 to 5 construction.swinging hammers for a living is getting old...
  Ive got plenty more questions but ill lea e it at that for now. Untill i get a response..
Thank you guys! I hope to see you on the battlefield soon!
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Re: Im new to the forum. Whats new with Rap4?
« Reply #1 on: February 11, 2013, 10:31:55 PM »
1. MK1 is still on the bench. MCM is working to release it soon.
2. Drum mag - we are looking at Christmas this year
3. We are always looking for qualify testers - get with Omar to set you up.
4. send your resume to career@rap4.com
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