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Author Topic: Dont Know??  (Read 4071 times)

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Dont Know??
« on: September 10, 2012, 04:12:48 AM »
Hey you guys. I'm a Newbie going into Paintball & this is my First time doing OPERATION: END WAR & Ill like if you Veterans can see if my gear list is good & Answer some of my Questions? Anyway's Here is my list:


- Spyder MRX (SplitFire)
- 2 x 10 Rnd. Magazine
- Spyder MRX MR Series Dual Color Red/Green Dot Sight
- Spyder MR Series - MRX Detachable Foregrip
- 3Skull Coil Remote Hose Coiled Thick Air Line QD On Off Valve Paintball
- Spyder 20oz Co2 Complete Tank with Pin Valve or Empire PE Basic 48ci 3000PSI HPA NITRO N2 Paintball Tank
- 140 Round Smoke Paintball Pod (RAP4 Site)


- Gen X Global Stealth Paintball Goggles GxG Mask Anti-Fog Protection
- Counterstrike Paintball Vest (Tiger Stripe) (RAP4 Site)
- Camouflage Camel Pack (Tiger Stripe) (RAP4 Site)
- Night Crawler Tactical Elbow Pads (Tiger Stripe) (RAP4 Site)
- Night Crawler Tactical Knee Pads (Tiger Stripe) (RAP4 Site)
- Fusion BDU Pants (Tiger Stripe) (RAP4 Site)
- Might get a 2 point Sling (RAP4 Site)
- Valken V-Tac Half Finger Plastic Back Paintball Airsoft Glove Black Medium

Some of the Items I'm getting from other sites but I have a budget that I have to keep too. Anyways I don't know what kind of tanks to use Co2 or HPA? Because I been hearing they are not allowing Co2?? Also Are we gonna have to buy the field paint? if so, How much?? Like I said I'm barely getting into this & hope that I can make this one of my main hobbies. Thanks for all who have the time to reply & answer my question's. (If you have any suggestion on things feel free to suggest them please)

NEWBIE Alex :)

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Re: Dont Know??
« Reply #1 on: September 10, 2012, 09:09:16 AM »
We are excited to have you join us for Operation End War. It really depends on your preference on whether or not you want to use co2 or hpa. Currently, the Paintball Zone can refill hpa on site, but it doesn't have an option for refilling co2. We are working with them to see if we can offer something to refill co2, but it hasn't been set in stone yet.

Co2 is a liquid that is changed to a gas within the expansion chamber of the paintball marker. The operating pressure needed to get optimal performance out of most paintball guns is about 850 psi. To produce this pressure, the co2 tank temperature needs to be at 70 degrees. As the tank temperature decreases, it will also cause a decrease in your paintball gun performance. Because co2 must go from a liquid to a gas, it can be rather unstable at times. HPA, on the other hand, starts as a gas and stays as a gas throughout the entire cycle. HPA is not only cleaner and better for the internal components of your marker; it is also more stable. One of the biggest advantages in using hpa is the lighter weight because hpa stays a gas in comparison to co2 which has to convert from liquid to gas.

Yes, you're gonna have to buy field paint. It will be $65 for the case and $20 for the bag of 500.

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Re: Dont Know??
« Reply #2 on: September 10, 2012, 01:56:34 PM »
Your load out looks good. You will be at a disadvantage with so few magazines though. The magazines from rap4 and milsig are either 18 or 20 rounds. The average player there previously had a minimum of three 20 round mags. I carry 1 in the marker and 4 on the vest, sometimes 7 on the vest. Of course it all depends on what role you are playing but reloading magazines while under fire is tough.

For the price of a few more mags for your marker you can rent one of theirs at the field, $50 Rental package comes with marker, 3 x magazine and magazine pouch.