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need info
« on: March 27, 2012, 05:15:20 AM »
Hi! I am from Russia. Deal with milsim games. I need the real USA and NATO military ammo description to make some arrangements for the International Milsim Championship in September 2012. Could You advise where I can get this information:
-index (for example, .308 Win (T65), .223 Rem (M193)) or others, if they are marked on the ammobox
-marking of cartridges
-description of cartridges (calibre, length, what kind of rifles\pistols ets. was it designed for, how does the shell\bullet look like (painted or not, yellow or silver, if not painted?
-years of output
-the piercing ability
-the defragmentation ability (if any)
-other special effects (if any)
-what is the colour of tracer (for tracering bullets)
-the description of marking simbols on the ammo boxes and cartons (top and side)
-what kind of material are the military ammoboxes made of (wood, plastic, metal)?
May be someone has such info about Chinese ammo (in English)?
As well I need military manual instructions for the real M72 rocket launcher. Please help!
I'd like to buy or exchange an empty USA M193 (5.56x45 NATO) ammobox, as well as the empty smaller cartons inside of it (as the specimen). I should send in exchange the russian one.