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Author Topic: RAP4 10th Year Anniversary Giveaways  (Read 2975 times)

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RAP4 10th Year Anniversary Giveaways
« on: February 18, 2012, 05:48:29 PM »

To celebrate 10th Year Anniversary, RAP4 is giving away a lot of cool prizes including over 200 special edition transparent Hawkeye goggles that are not available for sale (we're giving out 1 set of goggles for every 500 Likes that RAP4 Facebook page receives), Tacamo MKV, DMag Kits, and more prizes are coming.
Please visit RAP4 website www.RAP4.com and RAP4 Facebook for your chance to win these cool prizes

For more information please visit RAP4 Giveaway page - http://www.rap4.com/rap4-10th-year-anniversary-giveaway-a-394.html
or visit RAP4 Facebook giveaway and contest page:
- RAP4 10th Anniversary Giveaway - http://www.facebook.com/rap4usa?sk=app_107727025983833
- Tacamo MKV 10K Giveaway - http://www.facebook.com/rap4usa?sk=app_206771522697372
- Tacamo Dmag 15K Giveaway - http://www.facebook.com/rap4usa?sk=app_171559679570755
- Best Paintball Gun Photo Contest - http://www.facebook.com/rap4usa?sk=app_217182794970471


Past winners:
- RAP4 paintball photo contest winner (prize: set of BDU): Nikos Kwstakos
- Hawkeye goggles winners: Skylar Fehringer, Chris Wrightt
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