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Re: Dog Soldier's Website
« Reply #1 on: April 22, 2009, 06:54:16 PM »
World at War 2
General ? Australian Army
Battle Front Paintball
Hubbard, Ohio
Attendance ? 470

     470 scenario paintball players were evenly distributed among 4 teams fighting for world domination; Australia, Japan, Russia and China

     Dog Soldiers had command of the Australian forces in this scenario paintball version of RISK. The Dog Soldiers game plan was to hit first, hit hard and keep the opposition forces reacting to our moves, while Australian forces acquired the necessary currency and control of as many of the 18 scattered flag stations as our team, the Australians could reasonably control.
     The Australian forces eventually exerted their will over a majority of the battlefield and refused to relinquish the attained ground, repulsing assault after assault as the opposition flailed away with full force blunt trauma trying to get the Australians to relinquish our firm grip on the game. In the end the Australians held most of the ground-flag stations acquired and were rewarded with a rather resounding victory.
Australia  72
Russia    33
Japan      31
China      20

      Special mention is to be given to teams Bio Hazard, N.E.O.S.M.U.T. and Cleveland Paintball for their invaluable efforts in this Australian victory.
       Individual Dog Soldier recognition is to be shined on Jason Gonzalez, Dog 3, for his work as Australian General, for his masterful understanding of the battlefield and his ability to plug in reinforcements at just the right time, at just the right place. Special recognition must also be bestowed upon Dog 8, Adam Harris, for his work as the General?s runner, keeping the General apprised of all battle and flag station situations from the perspective of human eyes, augmenting the radio communication and giving Dog Soldiers, Australians a tactical edge on the field.
       Dog Soldier moments include Dog 9 heroically running up the Australian flag in the middle of Battle Front?s city with literally hundreds of paintballs flying all around him during the entire effort; Dog 12 for leading a large contingent into the city during the Australian assault that led to our taking the city; Dog 2 for shooting up a transport vehicle carrying six Mercs before they could begin their assault on an Australian position and Dog 1 for painting four of the opposition and capturing-tagging seven others, including the Merc General in a desperate two minute attempt to hold a pivotal building of city while hoping for reinforcements that this one time didn?t get to the scene on time.
       It was an amazing, overall Australian, Dog Soldier effort. We did ourselves, and our sponsors, proud

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