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Author Topic: Notice To All.  (Read 7527 times)

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Notice To All.
« on: January 22, 2009, 09:53:27 AM »
In a Effort to keep the Classified forums Clean and easy to find things. New rules will be going into Affect Immediately

1) All Topics posted for sale must be marked (SOLD) when they are sold.
2) All Topics with no replays from the seller after three months will be deleted!
3) All Topics that are not sold with in three months and are not BUMPED by the seller will be deleted!
4) Sellers who do not respond to PM's sent by members wanting (information,photos and all other information) with in three months. Your topic will be deleted.
5) We are not just going to deleted your topic right off three things will happen first. 1) two weeks before the three month dead line we will pm you letting you know you have two weeks left before the dead line. We will ask if you have sold the item. If not we will remind you to bump your topic so it will not be removed. 2) If you do not respond to that PM( by PMing us back and or,marking topic sold or Bumping topic) We will send out another PM informing you that your topic will be deleted in Five days if action is not taken. 3) The last and final step we will take will be to delete your topic from the forum. The new rules are not meant to single any one member out they are meant to help us mods keep the forums clean and in working order. It's also to help New members from posting to topics that have no activity looking to buy the item.  Every step will be taken to keep your topic on the forums. As long as you follow the rules it will stay. The new rules will go into Effect at 0000 hours ( 12:00 Am for people who do not know military time). That will start the three months 91 days from tomorrow will be (April 23rd 2009). If you need more information please feel free to Contact me by,PM,AIM,MSN.