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Author Topic: Review: Rap226 Sig Sauer  (Read 11831 times)

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Review: Rap226 Sig Sauer
« on: November 28, 2006, 05:14:41 PM »
Period of
Product Use: Less than a month
Products Used: Other Paintball handguns and real handguns, this is more like a real handgun.
Upgrades: ---
Strengths: Realistic Operation, Realistic Looks, Intimidating
Weaknesses: .43 cal, Flaw in Magazine

Review: After waiting almost 2 months for this Handgun to clear customs at the Canadian Boarder I finally got 3 in the mail (one for me, one for my friend who is a police officer and uses an identical fire arm at work, and his friend.)

I will break this review down into 5 categories (Looks and cosmetics, Features/special attributes, Shooting and related, Air and related, and Durability and maintenance), each with a potential of two points to be given or taken away.


If it were not for the orange tip and a small knob to take the 12 gram co2 out on the handle, this marker would look almost 100% identical to a real P226


Slide goes back every time you shoot and stays back when the Magazine is emptied?Need I say more?




The Rap226 features basically everything a real p226 does, double action hammer, Working slide, De-cock button Slide Catch release,  Grip rail for lasers/flashlights/other, Mag release, and more.


When the hammer cycles it hits a little button (where the primer for the bullet would be on the real thing) and this opens the valve causing the gas to be expelled thus shooting a ball. Then the excess gasses blow the slide back re-cocking the gun and putting another round in the chamber. This is quite different from other paintball pistols like a Zeus or Delta 68, and not to mention much cooler.



The accuracy of this marker was about average, about a six inch pattern at 30 feet, but from a combination of a heavy trigger pull and high recoil accuracy would drastically go down when shooting rapidly ( 3 foot pattern at 30 feet)

Do I think this is a bad thing? NO! I think it is awesome, it feels like shooting a real 9mm hand gun. Realistic recoil compared to other paintball hand guns made it all the more fun to shoot. If I were a police officer buying one for the purpose of better familiarizing myself with a weapon like the one I used at work I would chose to have this one over a handgun in theory with zero recoil that looked like a laser blaster from a science fiction movie.


Reloading was fast and fun. You know your magazine is empty because the marker stops cycling and the slide stays back. Then it is simply a matter of how fast you can press the magazine release and put a new one in and hit the slide release with your thumb on the side. With little practice one could reload this faster than someone using a normal paintball Handgun and 10 round tubes.




There are two versions of the Rap226, Internal and external air. I chose the External air because it uses 12 grams which are readily available, the internal air version had an adapter you screwed onto your co2 tank that would charge an internal reserve inside the handgun. I cannot comment on that version as I have never tried it, but a 12 gram was good for 3 full magazines before the slide stopped going back when you shot. If times were dire one could cock the slide manually to shoot one shot at a time, but 3 mags for 1 12 gram is good efficiency.


The 12 gram changer was a 2 stage chamber. You put the 12 gram into holder that screws out and insert it back in. Screw it in all the way to seal the 12 gram inside. The second stage is a separate knob on the 12 gram holder that was there to break the seal on the 12 gram to air the gun up. Little to no air is wasted this way, and it makes it easy to take the 12 gram out, usually I found on the Zeus G2 the 12 grams were prone to sticking in the gun, with this two stage system the 12 gram never sticks because it is in a threaded holder. This new feature makes it allot easier.





This Marker was built very sturdy, it is all metal except for the grip which is an high quality impact polymer, I cant imagine it breaking. This gun just feels solid in your hands, like a real Sig 226.


Maintenance was simple, Keep the barrel clean and oil the necessary moving parts once in a while. The core of the marker was accessible as need be, but it is recommended that you don?t tamper with it, and why should you. From all three I have used they are ready to go and tuned out of the box.



The only thing I have found on this gun that could be considered a problem is the magazine spring stock is to stiff and can dimple soft paintballs, a fix to this problem is a new lighter spring or the ?Hard? .43 cal paintballs.

-   0.5

As long as you can get around the .43 cal barrier this is a mighty handgun indeed. It looks, feels, and shoots like a Real P226, and is a very high quality product. This handgun impresses me beyond any marker I have received from rap4. It has a heavy price tag (just a bit more than a Tiberius 8 ), but if you want to most realistic there is out there it comes at a price.

I can only began to imagine what a marker like this could offer to police and military training for real engagement scenarios.

To sum it up this handgun went above and beyond my expectations I had for it, to be frank I was expecting something of much less quality and performance.

 I give it a 9.5 / 10, An awesome Handgun with minimal margin of improvement.

Rating: _9.5/10_
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Re: Review: Rap226 Sig Sauer
« Reply #1 on: December 17, 2006, 12:36:22 PM »
Great review man.
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Re: Review: Rap226 Sig Sauer
« Reply #2 on: May 24, 2014, 02:36:40 PM »

I have just bought a sig sauer p226 0.43 caliber, and i have a question. I want to play paintball with this gun but im not sure if its secure to shoot someone who is wearing a regular paintball mask. Could i broke the mask glass with talc ammunition ?.

or is this replica just for training?

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Re: Review: Rap226 Sig Sauer
« Reply #3 on: September 02, 2014, 10:23:29 PM »
Great I was hoping this would come over from the old Wiki